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Faster publication through reviewer remuneration

By providing a modest stipend, ScholarPro Vetting reduces the challenge of finding peer reviewers for scholarly manuscripts while improving the quality and expediency of reviews received. Its use can attract better manuscripts and reviewers, thereby improving the quality of journals using the service.

On request, we seek reviewers for a given manuscript, send requests/reminders, and accept reviews through our system. (Usernames and passwords are not required.) The reviews are then sent to the journal office. Payments are accepted from journals and sent to reviewers via PayPal or Venmo.

Where we find reviewers
  • The manuscript's references list
  • Suggestions from the journal office
  • Indexing/abstracting services such as Google Scholar, Scopus, and PubMed
  • Artificial intelligence tools such as Gemini and ChatGPT
  • Our in-house database of 300,000+ reviewers.
All reviewers have doctoral degrees and publications within the scope of the journal.

The process
  1. Journal office sends a request to ScholarPro Vetting (SPV)
  2. SPV identifies potential reviewers and confirms their appropriateness with the editorial office
  3. Payment is made via PayPal or Venmo
  4. SPV sends review requests and reminders as needed
  5. When returned, SPV forwards the review to the journal office
  6. SPV pays reviewer via PayPal or Venmo.
The cost to journals is $100/review. The stipend to reviewers is $60/review. Subsequent revision reviews by the same reviewer cost $50 and pay $30. (Journals may opt to pay different amounts.) Reviewers may choose to have their stipends donated directly to a charity of their choice.
Search Service
We also offer a search service to journals that may not yet provide stipends to their reviewers, but wish to have a professionally curated list of 5-10 potential reviewers.

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